CEV: the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV), situated in Luxemburg, is the FIVB member institution, responsible for governing of 55 National Federations throughout Europe and is recognized as such by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB). The CEV has the authority and responsibility for organizing all European competitions in Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. André Meyer accepted the Presidency of the European Volleyball Confederation back in 2001.

NEVOBO: the Nevobo is the governing body for indoor, beach and sitting volleyball in The Netherlands. Over 80 employees and many volunteers are commited to offer a high quality volleyball programme, support 1.200 clubs and 125.000 members. The Nevobo is the National federation of The Netherlands. This means that the Nevobo offers a membership, administrative and a work organization. Since 2004 the president of the Nevobo is Hans Nieukerke.

KBVBV: the Belgium Volleyball Federation was established in 1944 and became a FIVB member in 1947. In 1977 the Belgium Volleyball Federation split into a Flemish and a French section: respectively the VVB and the AIF. In 1994 the Belgium Volleyball Federation obtained the title Royal Belgium Volleyball Federation: KBVBV. The main tasks of the KBVBV are contact, administration and communication with national and international bodies, the government and the Belgium Olympic Committee. In the volleyball structure the KBVBV is the governing body supported by the VVB and AIF. Since 2013 president of the KBVBV is Willy Bruninx.

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