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The city of light! Eindhoven, in the south region of the Netherlands. The city has its own airport Eindhoven Airport. For years, Eindhoven, with over 220,000 inhabitants, was the birthplace of one of the largest manufacturers of The Netherlands: Philips. The inhabitants of Eindhoven are still proud of this fact and after the depart of Philips to Amsterdam, Strijp S, the former Philips grounds, became a creative hospot. This creative cultural place attracts young talented people. And that’s not all. Eindhoven is still growing. The forecast is that the population will grow to 231,000 in 2020.

More information? www.eindhoven.nl.

Official hotels and sightseeings

DAF museum

The DAF museum tells the story of the car brand DAF. Address: Tongelresestraat 27, Eindhoven: http://www.dafmuseum.nl.

Strijp S

The industrial place Strijp S, where the lightning manufactory Philips made furore, is hip: http://www.strijp-s.nl.

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Indoor-sportcentrum Eindhoven

Indoor-Sportcentrum Eindhoven is one of the biggest indoor sports facilities in Europe. It offers athletes, visitors and press high end facilities for (elite) sport events.


Theo Koomenlaan 1, 5644 HZ Eindhoven

For more information about Indoor-sportcentrum Eindhoven:

Eindhoven: www.indoorsportcentrumeindhoven.nl.